Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Royal Wedding Tea Party

Here Ye, Here Ye, Prince William is to wed Princess Kate on Friday April 29, 2011. There will be a Tea Party held in their honor. Royal attire is required.

My family and I had a tea party to celebrate the Royal Wedding of Princess Kate and Prince William. It was such a fun girl day! The party was at Emilee and Madison's house. They decorated the house with all pink decorations. They even made sure our dishes were lined with glitter.
Emilee, Grandma Ruth, Rhe, Bridger, Lindsay, Kennedy,
Maddie, Charlotte, & Aunt Shauna at the
Royal Tea Party.

My name tag
The table setting
Maddie in front of the Royal Wedding Cake
that Lindsay made. So yummy!

We had fruit, cucumber sandwiches, pink cupcakes, pink
cookies, and Royal Wedding Cake

The Tulip Festival

Luke and I went on the best date. He was so sweet and planned the whole thing. He took me to my favorite lunch place Zupa's and then we went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point. We were so lucky to have a perfect sunny day and it was even warm outside (which is lucky because the weather has been horrible this year!). It felt so nice to be outside. The flowers were beautiful and we had the best time. A funny thing happened, after we had been walking around the park for a little while we were both thirsty. We had decided on an Orange Fanta to drink out of the vending machine and I started to sing the Dontcha wanna Fanta song. Well while I was singing Luke started to dance to the song a little and ripped the only dollar bill we had in half. So we wanna Fanta but we don't gotta Fanta

Yet another picture of us holding the camera....

Rhe stopping to smell the Roses...I mean tulips

Luke pushing the statue into the water!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Eggs

Every year Luke and I decorate Easter Eggs. This year we chose to make Dinosaur eggs. They turned out so cute!! Decorating eggs is one of our favorite traditions that we do every year.

Luke pretending to be a dinosaur

The finished product!

Luke's Graduation

Luke's big day finally came after weeks of tearing off one link of the graduation count down chain at a time. Luke graduated with his accounting degree from BYU on April 22, 2011. We made this chain when Luke had thirty days left at BYU. 

Rise and Shout this Cougar is almost out!!

The big day is FINALLY here!!!!

Luke and Rhe at the Commencement Ceremony

The graduation started at eight in the morning so our day began VERY early. And as usual, Luke and I left something to do at the last minute and this time it was picking up the dvds our camera needed. Meaning, we had a six AM trip to Walmart. Unfortunately they did not have the dvds we needed which lead to a very scary drive to provo in order to have time to stop at another Walmart. I am very grateful that I was only scared for my life once during a dangerous U-turn and I am very grateful that the second Walmart had the dvds we needed!!
 After our near death experience in the car the rest of the day went perfectly. We arrived in plenty of time, I was able to save plenty of seats and we were surrounded by all of our family who were just as proud of him as I was. 

The one thing I was amazed about with graduation was how quickly everything happened once they read Luke's name . I mean seriously, it takes about a hundred years to get to the person you are supporting and then the moment you wait for all of that time, is over in a flash and you don't even get to enjoy it. The moral of this story is television lies, life does not happen in slow motion during important moments. However, for this reason we have cameras and blogs so we can reflect back on those moments and remember how we felt. 

Luke getting his diploma case

Mom, Rhe, Luke, Dad, Jeremy and Candy after Graduation
Dad, Grandpa, Mom, Rhe, Luke, Mom, Dad, Candy, & Jeremy
Enter To Learn Go Forth To Serve

After the graduation we went to lunch to Luke's favorite pizza place, California Pizza Kitchen. We had a great time visiting with our family. We are so lucky to have so many family members that love and support us.

On a bit more serious note....We are so grateful to have made it this far in our education. We cannot count the blessings we have received along the way because there are simply to many. We cannot wait for what life has to offer us.