Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Random thoughts

A list of random thoughts:

2. My camera is dead, the charger is also coming home in two days, I will then take pictures of my finished classroom and post. ( It turned out really cute )
3. I have seriously the cutest dog in the entire world. I sat down on the couch to blog and she could have chosen to do anything that she wanted and she decided to come and curl up right next to me and of course fall asleep with her face on my laptop. Priceless. :)
4. I wish that pizza were a health food because I would eat it like everyday if I could.
5. I know I married my soulmate because his favorite food is pizza too! I mean c'mon the kid ate it almost everyday for ummmm 19 years or so?
6. I have been deep cleaning my house the past week and it looks fabulous!
7. I am really scared/nervous/excited to be a teacher in just over 2 weeks. I hope I am a good teacher!

And as of right now that is all.

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