Saturday, July 30, 2011

California Mid-State Fair

Last week I was lucky enough to get to go and visit Luke in California. It was such a great trip (way too short, but great)! As of today we only have 2 more weeks apart until, as he says, "Superman Returns August 13, 2011". I am so excited to see him, this has seriously been the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I didn't think it would effect me as much as it has but what can I say, Luke is the peanut butter to my PB&J, without him, all I have is a soggy sandwich. So on my second to last Saturday until my BFF is back I will spend the evening reflecting on our amazing weekend together.

My plane landed in San Jose on Friday around 1:00. Luke was at work until 5:00 so I had to take a cab ride from the airport to his apartment. I was a little nervous about this just because I have never taken a cab by myself in a city that I have absolutely no idea where anything is located. Lucky for me, my cab driver had a G.P.S so we were able to find the apartment no problem (by the way, cabs are so expensive!!!!) After I got settled in, I went into the kitchen and found a cute note from Luke telling me that there was lunch and at least a weekends supply of diet coke in the fridge. He also made sure that I had plenty of my new T.V. obsession (F.R.I.E.N.D.S) to watch until he got home.....4 1/2 hours later :(.
The time went surprisingly fast, and was very productive, lol, I managed to finish season 1 of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

I was so excited to see Luke when he got home, not because it had been a month since I had seen him but because I could finally go see the seventh Harry Potter!!!!!! JK JK JK I was more excited to see Luke, no Harry, no Luke, no Harry, no Luke yeah for sure Luke! Luke changed out of his work clothes and we went to Olive Garden for dinner. It was so great to catch up with him for real and not on SKYPE. After dinner we bummed around the mall until the movie started. It was such a great date night even if Luke didn't enjoy Harry as much as I did. Now, I will not spend much time on this subject but something has to be said about it. The epilogue in Harry Potter was RIDICULOUS. I literally laughed out loud in the theater when I saw how horribly they aged the main characters. They should have just left that part out if they were not going to do it right. But alas the end of the Harry Potter movie series has come. I don't know how I will survive at Christmas without those movies to look forward too but I am sure Hollywood will find another series to make at least 8 sequels of.

The next day, Saturday already :(, Luke and I had planned to drive around the area in search of a place to live next summer. Unfortunately San Jose did not quite tickle our fancy so we decided to continue the search another day...California is way too expensive, just sayin. After that, we got ready for the day and had lunch at Boston Market, which I was thrilled about. We used to have one by my house when I was younger and I loved to eat there. After lunch we headed to Paso Robles for the California Mid-State Fair. Luke bought me tickets to the Maroon 5 concert for my birthday (my fav band) and this is where they were playing. So we hopped in the car and 3 hours later we arrived. The fair was HUGE! It was fun to walk around and look at all of the booths and food. I was convinced that Adam Lavigne was walking around the fair and we were going to run into him, and of course he was going to ask us to go on tour with him (a fantasy of mine)

Our favorite part of the fair was the most beautiful flower contest. Actually, we were rather confused/intrigued by it. How does someone decide which flower to enter? Are they growing this flower all season long, or do they just go outside the day before the competition and say I pick.....this one!
Loser Flower :(

The winning flower, we're number 1!

The Maroon 5 concert was that night, and it was great! Especially, the people watching before the concert started, even more so the drunk people watching. There were these two ladies in front of us who should have just had an IV of alcohol because it would have been more convenient with how many trips to the bar they made, and if I may say so their dancing was just great. The opening opening act was Gavin DeGraw and the opening act was Train. Train was really fun to hear but of course, Maroon 5 was the best!! :) 

Us waiting for the concert to start, check out my awesome shirt!

Rock On!

Us jamming at the concert
Maroon 5, more importantly Adam Lavigne, YUM (sorry Luke)

After the concert we went home and went right to bed....NOT! We had a 3 hour drive ahead of us. We are young and crazy and can handle things like that. Nope wrong again. It was so hard to stay awake, but then again it was totally worth it. Another great day in Cali :)

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