Saturday, July 30, 2011

San Francisco

On Sunday we got up and had breakfast at Yum Yums. It is a local donut shop in San Jose that Luke found. It was really good. Luke, of course had to get the giant donut that they make. I chose to get the baby size ones.
The HUGE daddy donut, the mommy, and the baby


Luke and I had a relaxing morning and just hung out at home together. Later that afternoon we went to the new Ernst and Young office. EY just moved to this office last Monday. This is the home office where Luke goes when he is not working on an engagement with a client. The office is in Redwood City. It seriously smells so good there. I could not get over it! Every time I would get out of the car I said it smells like trees!! (hence it is named after redwood trees)
In front of the EY entrance 

Rhe in the break room enjoying a 25 cent Diet Coke, nice!

The view from the 6th floor

Us sitting by the Lake enjoying the smell of tress, we love Redwood City!

If you look really close, this is Luke in front of the new EY building

After we visited the EY office, Luke and I got talking about how much we loved the area we were in. We decided to continue our search for a place to live next summer. We didn't have to look very far! We fell in love with an apartment complex right across the road from the EY building (great commute, right??). It is right by a nature preservation so there are a ton of trails to go hike and ride bikes.

The apartment complex that we love
A side view

And the garage
We are really excited about the place we found and the area. We hope that all of our plans work out!

After we looked at apartments we went to San Francisco. I have never been in San Fran before, and lets just say the hills  and I do not get along very well. It really freaked me out when all I could see were buildings. I am used the the space in Utah! The first place we went was Fisherman's Wharf for seafood. I had clam chowder and I give you once guess what Luke had...yup you guessed right, pepperoni pizza, so much for seafood, lol. After dinner we walked around the wharf for a little while, and then we walked to Ghirdadelli Square.
The craziest street sign ever. How do they drive in SF?

Us at Fisherman's Wharf

Us at the beach

Ghirardelli Square
A little later I got the crazy idea to look up the Full House house and go and take pictures of it. Thank goodness for our smart phones! We googled, and GPSed our way there! We had to drive around 3 times to get a decent picture and the third time Bob Saget came out! Just Kidding! But the people who lived there did come out! It was super awkward but I bet they get it all the time. They have to living in a famous place like that! The best part of the whole experience was Luke and I singing the Full House theme song as we drove. Good times babe!

The Full House house

A drive by shot of the house 
After we went the Full House house we decided to go to visit the Golden Gate Bridge. It was so cold and Luke and I were in short sleeves and shorts while everyone else was bundled up for winter! It was really neat to see the Bridge up close.

Luke's artistic view of the bridge
Another great day in Cali, and my last :( Oh well I had to go home so Luke could get back to work and come home in 2 weeks!!

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